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1- The Movie

Posted: December 26, 2014 in My Life, Product Reviews

687797144560_p0_v1_s600I bought this movie from iTunes since I’m a sucker for anything about anything on wheels.

If you are a motor racing fan Formula 1 is the top of the food chain in four wheel racing.  This movie covers the history of the series and focuses on the early days.  For F1 the golden age was the 60’s-70’s.  Unfortunately, it was also a time of horrific accidents and many deaths among the drivers.  If you didn’t live during this period you might be amazed at how primitive the safety measures were and the attitude of the organizers about safety.

This is a movie worth seeing if this type of racing interests you.  The archive footage is good, the story interesting, and the interviews plentiful.  If you have any kids be aware some of the accidents are graphic and frankly, shocking.  Personally, I enjoyed seeing the period footage, these guys were the rockstars of their age, cool beyond belief, we are not likely to see their kind again.

If you can tear yourself away from two wheels long enough to see this you’ll be glad.


Bionic Knees

Posted: September 18, 2014 in Motorcycle, Product Reviews

IMG_2765Well, I got these for my birthday, best gift ever!

They are knee guards from Force Field, the new Zeus line.  Gear keeps changing, there is always something new.  These represent an alternative to armor being in the garment, instead, it’s worn directly on your body.  I’ve never been a skin-tight-cat-suit kinda guy.  If the garment isn’t tight the armor can move, that’s a bad thing.

These grip your knee by way of a material that “sticks” to your skin without causing irritation.  They also have velcro straps at the top and bottom of the sleeves to allow for an even tighter fit.  The armor inside is the new honeycomb or ventilated type, this makes it much more breathable.  They can be removed for washing or upgrade.   I wore these on a recent ride under my Draggin’ Jeans but some of the “kids” also wear them on the outside of jeans, maybe it’s a hipster move, not sure.

How do they perform?  Well, I haven’t crashed in them yet but I’ve worn them under my jeans but the knee area of my jeans were a little tight.  The jeans weren’t cut for the added bulk of the pads.  Walking around was a little uncomfortable, it felt like I couldn’t straighten my legs although I could.  Ever see a MotoGP rider off his bike?  On the bike they look great, but walking around they look like a duck out of water.  Same here, on the bike, very natural, off, not so much.  It was hot when I used them and I wasn’t uncomfortable.  Fit is good and with trial and error on adjusting the straps the fit while on the bike should be great.  The straps are also removable if you want to ditch them!  They come in sizes so you can get a good fit to start with and fine tune from there, mine are “large”.

How are these a game changer?  If you are daring or an urban rider, where abrasion is less an issue then impact, they allow you to wear any garment and arrive less “bikey” than when you wear full gear.  My next step is to remove the armor from my riding pants and see if these are more comfortable.  Elbow armor is also available in the same style and finish.  Price for the knee pads in this model are around $119.

For years I’ve been worried about my armor moving in a crash.  A friend had a sleeve zipper fail in a crash and that resulted is a very nasty road rash leaving a significant scar.  I have a pair of Bohn undergarment pants that works on the same principle, armor close to you that is less likely to move.  Is this the way protection is going?  Don’t know, but it makes sense, only time will tell if the fit is good enough and the safety is better.

I am not a foodie and definitely not a gourmet.  Also, why “Crossroads” keep showing up in my life is beyond me.

I did recently have breakfast here and wanted to share my experience.  I arrived around 9am Saturday morning, it was busy but I was seated within 5 minutes.

The atmosphere if bright, clean, and not over decorated.  Some places in Dallas go whole hog on the “Dallas, by God, Texas” theme.  There was local color there but not anything crazy.   Being an open floor plan it can be a little loud but conversation was still possible.  I think they would like to be called a “family” restaurant, I saw several young families there.  Furniture, silverware, thick napkins, all top notch.  Let me stress an often overlooked point, this place was CLEAN.  It likely took no small effort to get the floors, walls, and decorations spotless in this high volume eatery.

Service was friendly, not overly attentive, and fast.  Another great sign was seeing one of the owners moving around the restaurant looking at seating times, service, and God knows what else!  Tom Fleming, one of the owners, was doing his job!

Food was, in a word, excellent.  I had the Eggs Benedict, honestly the best I’ve ever had.  The sauce wasn’t runny, eggs were perfect, and the muffin = perfect.  A friend had the Chicken Hash, all made from scratch and by all reports equally excellent.

Seeing a well run, non chain, restaurant is so nice in this day and age.  A place where cooking is the focus, not procedures/cooker cutter fare, is worth the trip.

I heard about this place on a podcast “Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys”.  They interviewed one of the owners and it made me interested enough to check it out.  Here is the restaurant website if you are interested,

I know you probably don’t live in Dallas, sorry, but if you are ever here check this place out.  Oh, the bill for two, with coffee and OJ, was about $30 plus tip.  Not cheap but I wasn’t hungry till supper time!