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Civil War

Posted: November 20, 2016 in My Life


Tomorrow I’m going to be drawn into a Civil War.  Two sides, each ideologically separated by a difference that will never be bridged.  And I fear it’s a war to the death.  And I need to choose sides, no middle ground, do I back the Empire or the Rebels?

I’m talking, of course, about the MSF vs Lee Parks.  Tomorrow night is a meeting sponsored by a local school.  The school is going to consider switching to the Lee Parks method instead of the MSF class.  Three instructors have been trained by Lee Parks and want to tell us about their experience.  The latest twist is the MSF is sending two chiefs to monitor the meeting.

Incase you aren’t up on the latest in the rider training world, there is a revolt afoot. MSF dominated the training  since the 70’s.  Then Washington and Oregon adopted a form of the old RSS.  Today we use the BRC and soon the BRC update.  You were likely training under the BRC program.  I understand the RSS was more “drill instructor” style were the BRC is new age, “how’s that make you feel?”.  The “update” is a little different but not tons.  My rough understanding of Lee Parks method is it’s a return to the RSS days.

Anyway, I’ll have to pick the method I teach with.  The truth, I don’t care.  Any training is good.  People learn, they respond to kindness, a calm voice, positive reinforcement, and repetition. I try to help new riders not die so they can become old riders, like me.

But it is exciting, will I throw in with the rebel forces or be seduced by the dark side?  Odds are I’ll make the self destructive choice, habit I guess! ha ha

Air Force Football

Posted: November 6, 2016 in My Life

Cadets on the field before the game.

I took a ride a couple weeks to Colorado Springs and took in an Air Force football game.

I did not attend the Acadmey, one of my daughters is considering it, but right now there is no connection.  The stadium is beautiful and the personnel assigned to make sure you knew where things are were wonderful.

With all the turmoil around the upcoming US election I truly worry about the future of America.  But something became very clear to me, the members of our armed forces love this country and treat each other like a big family.  Everyone was so well behaved and polite.  And I think we really do have some of the finest young people in the world attending our military academies.  The government is not our country, you can love your country and hate what some people are trying to do to it.

I know all those attending were very patriotic and love their country but there was far more there than that.  They loved each other, they were a family, some you like, some you don’t but they respected each other.

I have no idea if my daughter will apply to the Acadmey, I’m sure it’s a top notch school.  But it’s the other part, the unseen part that is the real prize.  Not one cadet who played his heart out that afternoon was looking to the pros.  Win or lose, Monday morning the real work started.  Preparing to defend this country.

Think what you will of our politicians but the cadets of the Air Force Acadmey are not those people.  And frankly, I’m kinda glad about that.