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The Road Home

Posted: February 4, 2016 in My Life

I’m still traveling, please forgive my lack of posts and I’m behind in reading yours as well.

I’m about 6 weeks into the insanity of constant traveling.  I’ve lived in my new apartment 12 days in 6 weeks if my math is correct.  I’ll be heading home this Saturday for a two week stay.  It sounds like heaven right now.  My training in New Hampshire is going well but we present or are tested almost every day.  My current cold isn’t helping but it’s improving!

My thoughts are turning to motorcycling as I’m living for Spring right now.  The big choice I’m facing is to either repair my older bikes (2001, 2007) or sell them and get a newer mount.  I’m only 8 hours from my favorite place on earth, Colorado, and I’d like to ride there a few times this summer.  The logical choice is a Sport Touring bike.  Kansas is flat and the trip to Colorado is, well, boring?  I’m talking FJR, Conny 14, or Kawi 14.  They are way underpriced as Adventure Tourers are the new “it” bike.  On the other hand there are the traditional cruisers like the Victory Vision, any Harley, and Gold Wings.  The goal is something that eats miles AND is fun once you arrive.

Fun thoughts for a snow winter evening.  Just a note to let you know I’m alive and will be writing more in the future!